Is it expensive to join MLJWC?

No! It's only $50 to join the club and for each year of membership.

What is the benefit?

The benefit is our annual fundraiser in which club members, and friends get together to raise money for a local charity that supports women and or children.  The benefit is an event where everyone dresses up for the evening and enjoys eating, drinking and mingling with friends while bidding on silent auction items and taking their chances at winning a luxury gift basket.

I'd like to join the club, but I'm concerned about the time commitment.  Would I have to do everything?

Our club is structured so that there is a little bit for everyone.  The only things you commit to when you join is to attend 2 general meetings, purchase one ticket to our annual benefit, join a benefit committee and participate in meals on wheels.  Beyond that you can pick or choose which social or charitable activities you participate in.