MLJWC Membership Information:

Membership in the Mount Lebanon Junior Women's Club is open to women in the South Hills whose interests are consistent with the purpose of our organization. 

A prospective member may attend two General Meetings and review the Club's Standing rules, By-Laws, and Charitable By-laws before applying for membership.

New members may join anytime throughout the club year.  We typically meet the 4th Thursday of each month Sept. - October & Jan. - May (The November/December meeting is held the first Thursday of December) at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, 975 Washington Road.  Come at 7:00 p.m. to enjoy appetizers, desserts, and drinks; the meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.  The meeting dates are available on our Calendar.   

New members are asked to participate in the club as follows:
  •     Participate in a Community Outreach event once a year
  •     Purchase one ticket to the annual benefit
  •     Help plan the May Member Dinner
New members are encouraged to participate in as many or as few committee events as they like.  Special events will be held throughout the year for new members to help them learn more about our club.  For more information on our committees, visit our committees page.

Annual dues are $55 if you join from May through January.  Dues for new members who join January through April are $32.  Please print the 2019-2020 membership form, complete it, and send it to the address listed on the membership form.  To pay Active Membership (May-Jan) dues, click HERE.

In addition to an Active membership, there are three other membership options. Here is a description of each:
  • Associate Memberships may be obtained by written request to the Membership Chair after one (1) year of membership and a payment of $60 dues. You may not be an Associate member for consecutive club years.  To be Associate Membership dues, click HERE.
  • Sustaining Memberships are renewable annually. Any member may obtain this membership after five (5) years of Active membership by written application to the Membership Chair. Dues are $60.  To pay Sustaining Membership dues, click HERE.
  • Honorary Memberships are granted to past Presidents who do not elect to maintain active memberships.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please send an email to Lorraine at

Pay Membership Dues Online:
MLJWC members may now pay dues online.  Click the links below to pay Active or Sustaining Membership dues.  Please note that there is a small transaction fee added for dues that are paid online.
  • Click HERE to pay Active Membership dues ($58)
  • Click HERE to pay Associate Membership dues ($63)
  • Click HERE to pay New Membership dues ($58)
  • Click HERE to pay Sustaining Membership dues ($63)
  • Click HERE to pay Membership (Jan-Apr) dues if joining the club between January and April ($34)